Nord VPN Reviews – The Best Legal VPN Services for 2017 – Save up to 70%

Nord VPN Reviews

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  • Connect up to 6 devices under one account
  • No Bandwidth Limit
  • Extra Secure with Double Data Encryption
  • One click installation for any device
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Double VPN for increased anonymity
  • 724 servers in 57 countries
  • Need improvement for Android & iOS
  • Speed can be better

Bottom Line

NordVPN is providing VPN services for more than 10 years with simple setup and use, which is excellent for new VPN users. It has numbers of security features that makes it unique and attractive for users looking to protect their privacy.

Ease of Use

NordVPN is extremely easy to use and installation & set up is super smooth and takes only a few minutes. It is great for beginners and people who likes the simple installation process. Just download the VPN client and the installation process will happen in the background when you start the software for the first time. NordVPN is among the few VPN services that offer a dedicated IP address feature along with static and dynamic IP addresses.

NordVPN has rolled out Android and iOS apps that were previously not available and these can be quite buggy. Connecting your device via router or tweaking it manually will be the best option. Servers are organized by purpose or region, which makes it easier to pick the right server according to your needs. Compare to other VPN, it is easier to change server. Once you are connected, it is also easy to see IP address, location and the server load.

One of the main disadvantages of NordVPN is its flexibility. The manual nature of using other protocols with its service. The supported protocols must be configured and used outside the app. For connecting to specific cities, involves the selection of servers and using online tools like for verification for your location. However, all this lose points of NordVPN will not affect the majority of the users.


NordVPN is an excellent choice with simple set up and a great choice for beginners. If anyone wants unrestricted access to internet with complete privacy, then NordVPN is one of the best choices with double data encryption that will keep your data more secure.